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Friday, June 02, 2006
` 10:53 PM
i've moved..

find me if u can! hahhaa

i've sent out emails to some people..

Thursday, June 01, 2006
` 1:37 PM
i might be moving to livejournal.. so if u get my tag, u're in.. if not, too bad.. those who wish to know pls email me or send a sms to me..


` 1:42 AM

it's late at night and i can't sleep.. my head feels heavy and i have a slight headache..
i switched on tv, channel 5.. it's volume was kinda loud for a quiet night and my granny's sleeping.. and i think in 10 mins, my granny will be awake and ask " tgk ke tak nie?? (are u watching or not?".. so i guess, only by then i'll get my ass off the seat and switch this off and head to bed.. yawn yawn...

i can't wait to earn real i get from tuition is really worth it especially when u only spent a couple of hours teaching but hell, u'll only get ur money only when u're done tutoring.. i hate that..

finally, i'm gonna start saving..
screw june, i might be going to melbourne on december... since i got to know that ntu's students are having 5 weeks holidays in december...

money drop from the sky can????

my tv is playing a prank on me... jhfhsfgkgvnghiofgasfiafhi

Wednesday, May 31, 2006
` 2:47 PM
Finally, i managed to drag myself out of bed and headed down to four seasons for an interview.. yeah, first day of work will be on wednesday.. i can't possibly start tomorrow because i got so many things coming up this 6 days..

on personal note, thanks once again Bao Yue..

was walking around town after that and i grabbed a top from topshop and bumped to hadi and his gf, liza at forever 21.. it was nice to see old friends after such a long time.. and liza is pretty.. hadi's really lucky.. oh and hadi was my pri sch/first 3 mths jjc mate..

for the first time, i went to far east plaza whereby 90% of the shops there were closed.. somehow, i find it really weird having to walk along quiet and barren corridors when u know that hype and happening place is much of a hustle and bustle with people of all ages wandering around and checking out the shops.. and then,slowly,shops began to open one by one and streets of orchard road started to have eager GSS customers vying to hit the shops for discounts and sales..

i can't wait for the weekends... woopee...

Tuesday, May 30, 2006
` 10:43 PM
as years passed, we're more prone to think about the days we had when we were younger..i spent some time blog hopping checking out some blogs of current jjc students that are linked to faddy and bibi and i got to admit i really miss college life.. well, last year, once, i told hannah i missed wearing jjc's uniform and the next thing i knew, i was wearing it to attend my third goddamn year.. so yeah, i didn't say the 'magic words' this year and thank god, i made it through..i really enjoyed my life in jj though the tutors can be a tad too irritating and get on your nerves sometimes that often made me wanna do the cartman's(south park character) "shut up or i'll kicking your f*cking ass!!!"
life in sec sch?? i rather not talk about it.. it was nothing less that hell on earth... only that great friends from gbaonk and those few ones in NPCC made living much more worth class was made up of almost chinese kids and there were only 4 malay kids only(me, fara,azhar and zaki).. and them, being so chinese couldn't even make an effort to converse in english to at least make us part of their conversations.. dunzo... and so the four of us usually stick together and for each other.. and i do have gd friends such as belinda, yong kang,wei jie,yi zhong and zun kai who made me enjoy being part of 3A/4A class..and then, there were some of those who disliked me for reasons-i-have-no-idea-what-they-were and ya, maybe it was my fault.. maybe it was my fault for being stuck up.. maybe it was my fault for being straight forward.. whatever.. what's one against let's say 9(there might be more) compared to 9 against one? like totally.. they made my life difficult but i managed to get out of it. and yeah, till now, when i saw them on the streets, i tend to become oblivious of my surroundings, i pretend they never exist and shomehow, i even acted like as if i totally forgot who they are.. well, except to a few of them such as azhar, zaki,fendy,nizam and fathli.. they were nice and are still nice..

i must say... and i've been waiting for this for a long time...

bullocks to those who had a thing against me.. but hey thanks once again for making me stronger and more determined to prove how wrong u guys were..


Monday, May 29, 2006
` 2:32 PM
right now, i crave for macd's hotcakes.. oh sugar rush..

mum was flipping thru the pages of the Pengantin mag which came along with Manja..and she was telling me that she wanted to get white bunga manggar and even check out buah tangan she wants for my wedding... and also, she even chose some colours for the design and decorations of my wedding ceremony....

i don't even have a boyfriend and she's expecting me to get hitched soon.. young couples are just so cool.. not those hanyut kinds lar.. those educated ones of course..

who said being an only child is easy??

seriously, it's worse than u guys out that who have siblings...

` 1:13 AM
i'm so so broke that i have to resort to asking my mum for money.. it's that bad.. goodness...

june come quick... then, july!!!
then yey! sch term starts!!!!!

lotsa things coming up in june..

excursions with granny and friends( my granny has a better social life than me)
digital slr photography class
uncle's bday(who is going for reservist tomorrow for two weeks!)
and many lunches and dinners i have to attend with close friends...

chen likes blue and handsome guys..
and so, he support italy for the upcoming world cup...

whatever lar chennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn...go grab a straw.. hehehehe
oh and pls foot the bill for my GSS shopping.. hahahahahaha.. ok, i shut up..

Sunday, May 28, 2006
` 6:39 PM
my comp kena virus and i have to carry out destructive recovery..

all my pics and songs are gone... GONE!!!!

i shall make it a habit to upload my pics online..

mother fish head curry chicken mac dodol lah..............


` 6:11 PM
let's welcome brangelina's baby girl,Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt and Gwen Stefani's baby boy, Kingston..
and in 22 years down the road, both of them might be hooking up together..
oh u get what i mean...

Saturday, May 27, 2006
` 10:10 PM
it's coming to the end of the month of May.. and soon, June is starting, signifying 6 months of year 2006 has passed just like that in a blink of the eye..
for the past six months, i've been pretty much having a rollercoaster of a lifetime..
waiting for the A levels results, getting them, being a tutor, waiting for uni application to be approved, having to obtain myself a place in one of the local unis, going for lunches and dinners with close friends and family and shopping alot... it has been a tense yet calm, sad yet jubilant and desperate yet fulfilling six months for me..

who would have thought six months have passed just like that.. right after i'm done with my A levels, i felt that June was still a long way to go.. a very long, in a matter of a few days, June comes and in six short months, that's the end of year 2006 and 2007 prevails..

thinking back, i feel blessed as God have given me strength, along with support from family and close friends, i managed to overcome slight humiliation(i failed my first attempt of A levels and retained), kept up to being thick skinned, study my ass off and not forgetting,making new friends who are now friends i kept close to my heart especially adeline. those were the days in which i made endless trips to the sch library, completing my tutorials and assignments and handed them in on time( i nvr did them in j1 and j2) efforts finally paid off now that i got myself a place in NTU(quick news, NUS rejected me-ggaahh-)

even though i did not get the course i really wanted, but i got something that is not too far fetched so i guess God has set a path for me to follow.well, things happen for a reason and it's a blessing in disguise as per se.

besides that, my family and close friends have been there supporting me.. telling me and reminding me i can do it this time round.. motivating me to get better results..believing in me that i can succeed..thanks to them i don't think can get to where i am now and without them, i would not have develop this self esteem of mine to greater heights and bring myself to success..

now, let's just wait and see what the next six months have in store for me and you....

` 1:16 AM

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